Friday, 9 March 2012

Are You a Master Weaver - or a "Guide on the Side"?

I found Sharon's thoughts really thought provoking.  The fact that we might stand aside in order to be seen as facilitators rather than directors, and thus fail to see that we need to be there, right in the thick of things, is something to take on board.  We need to be the "weaver of the threads" who is able to correct the warped bits to keep the tapestry growing!

ICTs will only make a difference with direction.  Every tapestry had a Master weaver who was hands on.  What a wonderful metaphor!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Using Microblogging: Twitter and Other Tools to Faciliate Teacher and Student Learning

On the site "Software for Learning" Simon Evans talks about Twitter and its powers for enriching teacher knowledge through linking with a large pool of other educators and experts.
He has embeded an Edtalk from Chris Betcher who reminds us that to dabble is not enough to sell the tool; " Twitter only becomes useful when you have scale."

I agree...I joined Twitter several years ago and then left it as my lesast useful tool.  I saw its power at Learning @ School in February, when I could discuss what I was hearing and seeing with others in the room; a great tool for someone like me who needs to reflect out loud!

I've also seen it as an effective way of publicising events, whether it be the latest word from a politician or getting people to look at the latest blog post (in many cases a good way of advertising your own wares!)

So get in there.  It forces you to be succinct as you only have a limited number of characters to use.

See you in Tweet land with the rest of we twits!