Saturday, 27 February 2016

Tired but Inspired

What a day. As I do after an event like Educamp Rotorua, I scan the Twitter feed for the reflections and retweets from participants. A link from George Couros slides down the screen: Giving 100% When You Are Running on Empty.

"Teaching is an insanely hard job when you are full of energy, let alone tired.  I appreciate those educators that not only spend their days inspiring kids, but so much of their own time doing things so that they can be better for those same kids.  Although teaching can seem like a thankless job, there are so many people, like myself, that appreciate what great teachers do for kids daily, even when it is extremely (especially) hard to do so."

That's what Educamp is all about.  Teachers give up their Saturday and travel, today as much as 320km (Ra Peters!) so that they may improve their practice.  Yes, they are an inspiring bunch of people, and not an ego in the room.  New participants talk about feeling included and not overwhelmed. 

I think it is the passion that we feed off, because everyone comes away feeling full to the brim with new ideas and renewed energy.