Thursday, 25 September 2014

I'm a Learner of Mandarin

Lilli leads us through the numbers.
Lilli is our Mandarin language assistant. She's in New Zealand for a year as part of her degree and she is assigned to several Rotorua schools where she takes classes in Mandarin language.
In order for her to do this, a registered New Zealand teacher needs to be in the room.
Wednesday after lunch sees me in the language room with half of W3.

I sit next to Ellie who is mildly uncomfortable that Mrs Hyde is in the seat next to her.

Concentration and fine motor skills.

Lilli leads us through folding a booklet with Chinese numbers and basic sayings.  Fortunately I get it right. Phew!

Now she writes the first five numbers on the board and leads us through the pronunciation. I learn that the macrons tell you how to say each word - flat, slide up, slide down.

We repeat this with the next five numbers.

We learn about the significance of red as a lucky colour and view some intricate cut paper shapes from China. It's our turn and I learn a lot about the paper folding and scissor skills of the students.

All too soon it's over...but I've enjoyed the experience. No finishing work at the back of the room for me. I'm a learner.  I might even learn a new language!

Red paper cut outs are a Chinese tradition.
Showing off our creations.