Sunday, 2 August 2015

Harnessing Your Ecosystems

Thank you Fiona Grant, for asking me to contribute to this Hangout on Air, offered as part of EdcampGlobal 2015, a global online conference of workshops running for two days.  Fiona asked educators who have been involved with setting up Educamps in their local areas, to be part of the hour long presentation and discussion.

As a convenor of Educamp Rotorua and Educamp Minecraft, I was happy to oblige.

What I love about these events is knowing that we are connecting globally.  It is 11am in New Zealand, but the evening in another part of the world.  I have taken part in a session hosted by Steve Wheeler in England while it is 2am here.  The beauty is that i can if I choose - and I' can sit in my pyjamas and not worry about travel or accommodation.

The second thing I love is that I get to connect with some wonderful educators that I met through Twitter and Educamp.  We are on similar wavelengths and various educational journeys, spread out throughout New Zealand.

Thirdly, I love the conversations that are subsequently stimulated. One that went on for a couple of hours, was about how we attract more educators to Educamps and get them to recognise the power and attraction of this format of professional development.

Fiona recorded the hangout from this morning and I have included a copy of the Google presentation for the participants that tuned in.

Here is the recording. (It is an hour long!)