Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sunshining Our Learning - A Day in the Eastern Bay

Well done Jeanette Murphy - I love educators who take a risk, who say, "I have to be the change or make the change I want," not wait for "someone else to do it."

Alex Le Long and I took off last Saturday morning , to Apanui School, an hour away in Whakatane, to see that keen educators, hungry for learning, are everywhere.

Besides a Chromecast prize (wow!) I took away great ideas for learning:

  •  I want to visit Tarawera High School to see how they run their PB4L programme, MANA.  Thanks Sam Gibson and Julian Reid.
  • Thanks Sam Hamilton and Kat Gilbert-Tunny for inspiring me to go further with Google dashboard. 
  • Excellent ideas from Jeanette for making this a fun day.