Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Digital Discoveries - A PRT reflective blog at my school

It's great to see a PRT being systematic about her reflection; it shows me up! However we are all akonga, so should learn from each other.

My aim is to tag my blog posts with Registered Teacher Criteria; a good idea I think for blog posts with students where you could tag OTJ evidence. I took a sample lesson for this teacher. I had a detailed WALT - not something I'd do with the kids, but I explained to the PRT that I was showing her the things that she needed to work out about where her students were at. Her blog post includes a list of what I did and the students' reflections:


We've had a debrief now, where we talked about where to next.
  • She has given them some snapshot questions to see where they are at on the fraction continuum. 
  • We've talked about differentiating learning activities need to be focussed on learning, not just fun. We as learners do not like going over stuff we already feel we're experts at; this young teacher said it herself at last night's staff meeting! 
  • Has she thought about that with the activities she's planned for them? 
I'm practising my facilitative questioning - all part of my learning journey too!